Why Us


“Brett Darrington is a huge reason why I am still playing in the beautiful game. Without his expertise and depth of knowledge about the body and about being an athlete I would not be where I am today. Brett is incredibly successful not only because he never stops studying, but also because he is a top-level athlete. Brett is able to talk from experience which is invaluable.
He was able to answer all my questions and was very patient with me. I have been coming to Brett for 3 years. Unfortunately, I have had a quite a few injuries, but thanks to Brett and his staff I was able to come back stronger than before each and every time. Brett is down to earth, smart and nice. I was able to go to him with any problems I had whether they were about issues I had on the field or off. Brett, thank you for everything.”

Sincerely, Zev

Zev Taublieb, Professional Soccer Player USL League One, Richmond Kickers. Valparaiso Division 1 Athlete

“I met Dr. Darrington in 2004.  He began treating my feet with everything he could but I was very hesitant on trying another pair of orthotics.  He would ask me every once in a while to think about another pair but I would argue that the foot is supposed to be able to move in it’s own natural path.  Finally, after 4 years of arguing with him I gave in and tried his way.  He fit me for a pair of Sole Supports orthotics.   Brett explained how the process was done and that it really comes down to the person doing the fitting process.  They took a week or so to get used to them but the heel pain was gone instantly.  I notice the support in my arch and it is not painful.   Best money I have spent!!”           

Mike Pincus

Personal Trainer, CPFT

“Brett, you have worked on me through various aches and pains and seemingly futile attempts at strengthening my upper body while being sensitive to my need to have my shoulder replaced. You have been patient while trying to strengthen my lower body knowing I had a right knee replacement. Still, knowing I was a “bit” of an orthopedic wreck, you continually encouraged and supported me and my cycling goals. More so you supported my Soul all along the, at times painful way. I could not have done this without you. On Sunday in San Diego, I realized one of those goals- the State Criterium Championship for men 65-69 years of age. Your belief in me will always be remembered. Your great works and over the top professionalism will be shared with all I meet along the way. What a wonderful team indeed! Wasn’t I the lucky one? I cannot thank you enough!”

Mike Duck

California State Criterium Champion, 65+

“I am six months into recovering from OATS (osteochondral autograft transfer system) knee surgery and although I still have a long road ahead, the road behind me is one I will never forget. I have spent in excess of 150 hours in treatment (therapy) in the past six months. My orthopedic surgeon has been amazed with my progress and Brett refers to me as a poster child for “OATS” surgery. In reality, I owe everything to Dr. Pierre Durand for performing the surgery flawlessly and the staff at Brett’s clinic. Dr. Brett and his staff have been unbelievably helpful from day one. Brett has been available at all hours to answer questions, fit me in his schedule for appointments on a last-minute emergency basis. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today physically without the team in Dr. Brett’s office. It does not get any more complicated than recovering from an OATS procedure. It is a very rare and delicate surgery with a long tedious recovery. Brett far surpassed my expectations with knowledge and dedication. I have been a patient for many years and the professionalism I have received in this trying time has been nothing short of epic.”

Anonymous Post-Surgical Patient

March 15, 2011

“Dear Brett,
I want to thank you for your coaching and directions on electrolyte replenishment prior to and during endurance events. Having been a runner for 30+ years, I was absolutely amazed to see a dramatic improvement during the Phoenix Rock n’ Roll Marathon, this past January.
It was my 20th marathon and I didn’t expect the quantitative results I had, from doing electrolyte replacement (beyond the normal routine). Normally , during a marathon, my quads start cramping at mile 19. In this marathon, cramping didn’t start until mile 25 with temperatures in the upper 80’s F. The results were very similar for the Los Angeles Marathon in March, temperatures on the street were over 90 degrees F. Keep delivering the message, I can attest to the dramatic results!”

Brian Gillespie

Vice President CAD/CAM Consulting

“Dear Dr. Darrington
On behalf of the USA Volleyball, the AVP and FIVB Sports Medicine, I want to thank you for assisting with LA Open’s Beach Volleyball Sports Medicine coverage. Your efforts and expertise made the coverage extremely successful to both the International and U.S. participants. I look forward to next year’s event and hope that we can work together again at the Carson venue. I will be in touch with you in the future when I know the specific dates and times. Thank you again for your assistance.”

Stephen G. Paulseth

MS PT SCS, Physical Therapist, USAV

“Brett Darrington, DC, ATC has worked with the Agoura High School Cross Country and Track teams since the fall of 2000 in the capacity of assistant coach/athletic trainer.  His knowledge is invaluable in the prevention and treatment of numerous sports injuries sustained by our running teams.  His frequent visits to our practices and competitions from preseason through the state championships are appreciated by all athletes, coaches, and parents.  Brett is a great role model for the students as both an athlete and a professional.”

Melissa Andrews

Head Cross Country and Track Coach

“Brett, We thank you very much for delivering this informative and interesting presentation on “Strength and Speed Development for Runners”.  It is always a pleasure to have you and Bill Duley present to our runners.  As you are aware, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to present to a very highly educated population here at Amgen.  Because of the nature of this company’s business and its scientific focus, it is crucial to supply them with information that is not only interesting and intriguing but it must speak to their elevated level of education.  As you know, we certainly can expect anyone from a scientist with a PhD, or a medical degree as well as certified personal trainers.  Your presentations continue to address issues on all levels which keep the audience attentive and engaged.  The drills and demonstrations were invaluable.  Our runners have truly benefited from all they have learned from you and Bill over the past 2 years.  We truly appreciate your expertise and your ability to challenge our members by being our best resource for sports medicine and training related topics.  Best regards, Bonnie Parcells”

Bonnie Parcells

Account Executive, Plus One, Inc.

“The Oak Park High School cross-country and track teams and I have used the resources and expertise of Brett Darrington for the last eight years.  Brett has had a long career as a competitive athlete who has taken his experiences and his education to the level of training and rehabilitating athletes.  It is this ability to communicate to the athlete that I believe makes Brett so successful.  (cont.)


Not only does he attack the source of discomfort but the underlying causes.  For the last five years Brett has traveled with the team to our high-altitude camp in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  My staff and I call on Brett to lead group lessons on nutrition, vitamin supplements, hydration, injury prevention, proper running mechanics, and state of the art training “secrets”.  These secrets he has shared include proprioceptor training a core strength exercises.    In my mind, it is clearly above the regular approach most PT’s take to see the athlete.  It is also why I feel Brett is one of the best resources for the injury treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation.  Brett understands the whole athlete.”

Kevin Elliott Smith

Oak Park High School, Head Coach-Cross Country and Track and Field

“Dr. Darrington, Thank you for all you have done for the runners at Royal High School as well as myself.  Creating a successful program needs more than just a coach and a few good athletes.  It takes dedicated parents, friends and of course doctors such as yourself who understand the inner workings of running.  You have been instrumental in this from injury prevention to injury recovery.  Again, thank you for your hours of hard work in the office as well as staying late to accommodate the Royal Family.  I also appreciate you using your free time to come out to the meets and watching us run.  I know the runners really appreciate it.“

Ryan Luce

Head Cross Country Coach, Royal High School

“My name is Garrett Lepisto, Assistant Principal in charge of Safety, Facilities, and Athletics at Agoura High School in the Las Virgenes Unified School District.  Brett Darrington has served as the Agoura High School Head Athletic Trainer during a period of ten (10) years.  After his service in this position he continued to serve the students of Agoura High School in various capacities, including assistant athletic trainer and a volunteer trainer at many sporting events.  Brett has served our student athletics well, along with members of the LVUSD community.    Additionally, Mr. Darrington provides many internship opportunities to LVUSD student trainers enrolled in athletic training coursework at our high schools.  These internship programs provide career preference refinement in the medical fields, Eg: Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Athletic Training, Strength Training, and more. Brett initially started working with Agoura High School Cross Country and Track and Field programs under legendary coach Bill Duley, beginning in 1998.  Mr Darrington has been an avid Agoura Charger supporter for over 20 years and continues to support students and student-athletes from our school and local community.”

Garrett Lepisto

Assistant Principal-Safety, Facilities, and Athletics, Agoura High School